Friday, 1 June 2018

You Are Too Old And Unfit To Return To Aso Rock In 2019 - Fayose Tells Buhari

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has stated that the signing of the ‘Not To Young To Run’ bill by President Muhammadu Buhari shows the president is unfit to contest in 2019. In a series of posts on his Twitter handle, the governor stated that Buhari should remind himself that he was “Too Old To Run,” hence he should vacate the office of the President for the youths.

Fayose wrote: “I commend the youths who championed the “Not Too Young To Run” agitation and urge them not to relent because it is not yet uhuru. “We must totally return the country to the youths who own the future of Nigeria. Here in Ekiti, if you are above 40 years, you can’t be LG Councillor.

“We must have a Nigeria where anyone who is qualified to vote can also be voted for, not this hypocritical signing of “Not Too Young To Run” Bill by the same President who said our youths are lazy and must not run against him in 2019.

“Today in Ekiti, the PDP Deputy governorship candidate is 39 year old. He became chairman of Ado LG at 35. “On the contrary, the APC deputy governorship candidate is 74 year old. He was chairman of Ado LG 25 years ago.

“The future of Nigeria belongs to the youths and we must handover the country to them without restrictions. “If at 18, you are old enough to choose, you must also be seen as old enough to be chosen.

“Lastly, our President who signed the “Not Too Young To Run” should be reminded that at his very old age, he is also “Too old To Run.” He should leave the stage for the younger generation of Nigerians.”

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