Thursday, 14 June 2018

Exclusive:Senior Police Officers Accuse Commission Of Favouritism In Recent Promotion Of 3,665 Officers

The Police Service Commission has approved the promotion of 3,665 senior Police officers. The promotion was one of the high points of the Commission’s 28 Plenary Meeting which ended in Abuja on Friday, June 8th 2018. The Plenary Meeting was the last official function of the Sir. Dr. Mike Mbama Okiro PSC Board whose tenure came to an end on Monday, June 11th, 2018.

Two Commissioners of Police, Igbodo O. David, Cp, Legal, Force Headquarters and Olalekan Abdulfatai, CP, Works also of Force Headquarters were promoted substantive Assistant Inspectors General of General.

Sixteen Deputy Commissioners of Police were also promoted to Commissioners of Police. They include DCP Wakili Maye and DCP Kurawa Abdullahi Sarki. The Commission also approved the promotion of thirteen Assistant Commissioners of Police to Deputy Commissioners, sixty Chief Superintendents of Police to Assistant Commissioners and six hundred and thirty one Superintendents of Police to Chief Superintendents.

Promoted to ACP were Msheliza Simi Masomene, Samuel Osman Onoja of Police College, Oji River, Enugu State, Lateef Adio Ahmed and Umar Kabir among others. Promoted CSPs included Adekunle Char Ige, Bassey Essang, Liman Salisu Sulaiman and Emmanuel Adam.
The Commission approved the promotion of eight hundred and twenty Deputy Superintendents of Police to substantive Superintendents. They include Ola Rosanla, Yusuf Abdulmumini and John Alesagba.

Others, whose promotions were approved by the Commission, were 1,922 Assistant Superintendents of Police, ASPs, promoted to Deputy Superintendents. They Include ASP Chijioke Ogbodo, Divisional Police Officer, Umumba, in Enugu State, Arukwe Edward and Ozochi Amaechi Marcel, Area Crime Officer, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

Two hundred and one Inspectors were promoted to Assistant Superintendent of police.
The Commission also approved confirmation of appointments of 42 officers of different ranks, approved acting appointment for another 73 and converted 1,060 Specialists to General Duty .

The promotions have been forwarded to the Inspector General of Police for implementation in a letter signed by Mr. Musa Isitifanus, Permanent Secretary/ Secretary to the Commission.

Meanwhile ,some high ranking officers of the force who spoke to CKN News on condition of anonymity has accused the Police Commission of favouritism and outright disregard for merit and seniority in the promotion .

They accused the commission of favouring their croonies over and above genuine officers who deserves it.

Some of them said their promotion has been stalled over the years for no good reasons because they had no godfathers to speak for them.

CKN News,they continued, some of us have been on this same ranks for years while our juniors have even been promoted twice.

Some of them are now above us in ranks ,we are now answerable to them ,is that fair?,they ask.

Where is equity and fair play in all these,they lament .

Another top senior officer had this to say,CKN  News,the promotion wasn't only favouritism but fraudulent and criminal. 

Complete destruction of hierarchy in the Institution. Mr. Okiro, his members including a Director called Archibong are working hand in gloves with leadership of the Police to destroy the Institution. 

Even the FPRO just promoted ACP is amongst Officers promoted DCP. The CP in charge of Legal who is promoted AIG now retired on 2/6/2018 and he is even no. 84 on CP's seniority list. Within one year he is getting the 3rd special promotion, from ACP to DCP to CP and now AIG in retirement. 

Season of anomie and arbitrary. Officers only need to go with money or lick the ass of 'Oga', to get promotion. 

Same is being done in recalling Officers earlier dismissed or retired 10 to 25 years ago. They are not only being recalled into service, but also being promoted and placed ahead of diligent and hard working officers. 

All special promotions being done are fraudulent. Some other Officers' sweat is being used as basis upon which few favourites are elevated.

CKN News attempt to speak to the spokesman of the Police Commission was unsuccessful as at the time of going to press.

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