Police Set To Investigate Lagos Doctor For Assaulting Nurse

A doctor practicing in a hospital in Lekki, Lagos state, has been accused of assaulting a nurse working in the same hospital.

Dr Emmanuel Okolo, 35, who works at Awoyaya Hospital and Maternity Centre, Ibeju Lekki, is said to have slapped nurse Dorcas Adeyera, 23, following a misunderstanding which stemmed from the treatment of a patient rushed into the medical facility in the early hours of Monday.

Dr Okolo was opposed to the fact that the patient, an accident victim, was admitted without his consent and he blamed nurse Dorcas for it. He then ordered that the patient and his family be asked to leave the hospital and told nurse Dorcas to follow through on the order.

In a report to the medical director of the hospital, nurse Dorcas said she asked the patient to leave the premises then left the scene. The patient and his family didn't leave as instructed and when the doctor found out, he sought out nurse Dorcas and dragged her into his office.

Once in his office, he ordered the nurse to kneel down but she refused and this angered him, so he turned violent. She said the doctor slapped her several times then unbuckled his belt, took it off, and used it to flog her multiple times while informing colleagues who tried to intervene that he's not the nurse's mate. 

Dorcas  Adeyera added in her report: "He reached for the sphygmomanometer and was about using it to hit my head when the security men took it from his hand and another round of slaps on my cheeks followed. This time around, I fell on the floor and he started punching me."

The nurse said that she has reported the case to the police at the Elemoro division, adding that she was treated at the Epe General Hospital.

The spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, CSP Chike Oti, confirmed that the case was reported to the command and efforts are being made to arrest and interrogate the doctor.
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