I'm In Need Of A Woman Who Will Treat Me Like A Slave - Nigerian Man Begs

A Nigerian man has taken to the social media to search for dominant partner to slave for He wrote his request on a closed Facebook page, stating that he needs a woman who would treat him like a dog and verbally abuse him

The post has since gone viral on the social media platforms as many consider it bizarre

When it comes to the 'bedroom business', only a few fetishes are considered normal in a country like Nigeria. Although most of these other fetishes are frowned at, it doesn't necessarily mean they aren't widely practiced.

One of such fetish practices is the Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM) which is popularly known by the acronym, BDSM. However, a Nigerian man identified as Smart Ochuka, has proven to be unbothered by the killer stares or condemnation he would receive for being an advocate for this rather 'bizarre' sexual preference.

He recently took to social media to search for a dominant lady who would make him her slave. He wrote on the closed Facebook group, 

"Hello Pretty Suzzy, i pray u doing great, Suzzy please help me post this before I die in silence, I'm a submissive masochist in search of a dominant woman that'll use me as her slave, make me wash her clothes n pants, lick her ass, feet, armpit, just use me as her dog, verbally abuse me, all those humiliations turns me on as I'm a 100% submissive guy.

I just need a dominant woman that'll keep me in her house for 5 days or a week n use me as her dog, I know its rare in Nigeria, but this is d real me, I crave this, I long for it, its my wired fantasy and I can't deny myself what gives me pleasure, 

Interested persons should inbox me as I'm certain that this post will attract a thousand comments n I might not be able to see them all, Thanks."
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