Ex-VP Atiku To Address Restructuring Issues In Lagos

Former Nigeria vice-president Atiku Abubakar will speak on restructuring Nigeria at the Hall of Grace award, the organisers have said.

He said, “We believe that the structure isn’t working the way we all expect it to. There is the urgent need to do this debate and make all Nigerians understand how restructuring will work, particularly our brothers and sisters from the North,” Grand Custodian of HoG award, Alex Akinyele, said.

"At HoG, we believe in sincerity. We have looked at those clamouring for restructuring and we have seen that the former Vice President is perhaps the most sincere. He has been clamouring for this even when he was in the ruling APC.

"He didn’t care whether he was on the saddle as president or not but he kept on clamouring that the APC shouldn’t jettison restructuring. Atiku has been very sincere. He isn’t using restructuring for politics. He appears to be calling for it because of patriotism and that is why he will be addressing the nation on restructuring at the HoG Awards 8th Annual Session holding in Lagos.”
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