Friday, 29 June 2018

Bishop Oyedepo Slams Buhari, Osinbajo Over Plateau Killings

Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel has chided the Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari over the wanton killings across the country especially the recent one in Plateau where over 100 lives were lost.

He made this in a recent sermon.

Hear him

"The GOC is Muslim. The new Commissioner of Police posted yesterday is Muslim. Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of administration is Muslim, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of State C.I.D is Muslim.

They are bent! These demonic devilish people are bent. Now in the name of Jesus, the curse of the Lord catches up with them. We are not strangers in Nigeria. You are strangers! You don’t dare a people like this! Father, honour the words of your prophet and let judgement catch up with them.

Let their roots dry up. Let the blood of these innocent children, pregnant women, let the blood of these innocent believers, Christians in their homeland been slaughtered by these wicked men, let the blood of these individuals be avenged upon them.

"Nigeria shall not become Syria. Any devil planning it, the God that I serve will hit at them. Now, God is angry with the wicked everyday."

"Any pastor, any believer that is happy with the wicked is an ungodly man. Any man! I don’t care the office you hold. You are not angry with what God is angry with means you are a bastard!"

"Jesus, every sellout in your body, let it be met with judgement.
Christians are complaining of being killed by Muslims and Muslim security officers are sent to referee it. What an insensitive devil!

Christians are complaining about the assassination of Christians and then Muslims are now sent to go and oversee without a Christian input. Insensitive devils!"

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