Thursday, 3 May 2018

Why I Recovered Quick From Illness - President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that eating and resting well made him recover quick from his ailment. Recall that Buhari, last year, was out of the country for over two months as he went for medical checkup for an undisclosed ailment.

Speaking to Voice of America, VOA, Buhari also noted that he receives orders from people unlike when he gave orders as a military leader.“I don’t get to listen to music but I find time to rest. When I was a general, I gave orders, but now, I receive orders,” the president noted.

"The doctor is here. He always insists that I eat well and rest, that is why many are surprised at how quickly I recovered.”On insecurity, he noted that, "We have not even finished what we are doing now. Insecurity is still a problem. The worst thing that Boko Haram is doing now is to get small girls, hypnotise and put explosive devices on them to go and detonate in mosques, churches, motor parks and markets and kill people.

"However, they are not able to take over any territory now, although, even today, I read in some newspapers that Boko Haram are still holding territory. "Well, they may still be somewhere in Sambisa Forest but the Nigerian Army has prevented them from coming out.”

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