Saturday, 12 May 2018

My Encounter With The Sextuplets Wonders Of "Richmond".. They're One Now ..By CKN (See Pictures)


Exactly a year ago ,I received a long distance call from a brother ,friend and colleague .It was midnight here.

Knowing my friend of several years,he is the last person to disturb you with a request

There was something urgent about the voice and I was ready to listen.

CKN, he began.I have a serious emergency I want you to assist me with,I know you're the right person I should talk to.

My sister just had a set six babies in far away United States of America. We need urgent assistance for them.

The only question I asked him was,did you say six,and the answer was in the positive.

This was a huge request from a friend I very well know could give one of his eyes to me if need be.

He has proven that time and time again.

The only other question I asked was if he can get me the consent of the father of the kids to tell the world their story.

I also requested for the pictures of the little kids and the bank account where the money could be sent to.

All these I got within minutes,I went to town with the story.

While some received the news with joy and contributed, others became agents of negativity, questioning why we are making requests off them for kids that were delivered in the USA.

Despite all the explanations that their dad was a mere officer in the Nigerian Police Force, they were undaunted with their negative posts.

It got so bad that the parents felt so embarrassed and begged that I pull down the story but i never bulged.

As God could have it,the international media read my story and took it up from there.

CNN and other international media featured their story.

The rest as they say is now history.

Welcome to what we termed the wonder of Richmond.

The six kids survived and today ,they're a year older.

To all those that stood by us,I say a big thank ,God bless you all.

I refused to reveal the identity of my friend that brought that news to me then.

Today without his permission, I ll reveal it.

He is Ambrose Olutayo Somide the Managing Director of Raypower FM.

To God be the Glory...Amb CKN

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