Thursday, 31 May 2018

Femi Falana Blames Governors For The Killings In Their States -

Senior Advocate of Nigeria Femi Falana (SAN) has blamed the unending killings of harmless Nigerians by armed bandits on the governors of states where such sacrileges occur, and recommended military training for all Nigerians.

Falana made this known on the sidelines of a Colloquium in honour of veteran journalist Kunle Ajibade to commemorate his 60 birthday. He explained that his opinion was in view of growing concerns over ceaseless fatal invasion of communities in the country by armed bandits.

Falana also said that state governors have a role to play in improving security in their respective states, especially with their presence in the Police Service Commission. He insisted that by the provisions of section 214 of the Nigerian Constitution, the governors have powers to control the police.

"The only thing the Federal Government need to do is pay the salary of the Police.“Over 300 assailants have been apprehended, but none has been prosecuted.“This is the work of state attorney generals, not the federal government,” Falana said.

According to him, the governors are abdicating their responsibilities, and this is why the incessant killings would continue.“Murder is not a federal offence, but state’s,” said Falana.

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