Thursday, 24 May 2018

27 Year Old Woman Faked Her Own Kidnap And Demanded Ransom From Her Mother

Police in Kawempe, Uganda have arrested a 27-year-old  lady who faked her own kidnap and demanded a ransom from her mother.

Najjim Gonza, who had been a food vendor at Mbiiko, in Jinja District, says she wanted to use the ransom money as capital to start a new business.

According to police, the suspect left Mbikko and went to live with her boyfriend, one Festo Kigomba, an employee of Maganjo Grain Millers in Maganjo, near Kawempe.

Days later, she pretended to be a kidnapper and demanded money from her mother.

“Gonza used Kigomba’s phone to call her mother demanding a Shs6 million ransom,” Mr Luke Owoyesigire, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesman said.

He said that her family reported to police and her phone details were traced to her boyfriend’s house.

The unsuspecting boyfriend led investigators to his home and the allegedly kidnapped girlfriend was found preparing supper.

Mr Oweyesigire said Gonza’ mother who fainted on hearing the bad news, is undergoing treatment at Jinja Hospital while the suspect awaits arraignment in court on charges of demanding money by menaces.

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