Monday, 2 April 2018

Why I Confessed My Election Rigging Sins....Ibrahim Mantu

1. My confession is for INEC to stop rigging so that we can elect credible people.

2. I confessed so that people abroad will stop treating all Nigerians as criminals.

3. I confessed so that we will banish poverty. The level of poverty is too high. On daily basis, people come to my house for one assistance or the other. If the wealth goes round, they will stop coming. I have never rested be in office or out office.

4. I confessed so that we will have good governance. We have been joking all along.

5. Agriculture is even our wealth not oil. I confessed so that men of ideas will take over. I am waiting for the arrest then I will present devastating documents and if I am killed I will go and rest but the documents will flood everywhere in minutes.

Fmr. DSP Sen Ibrahim Nasiru  Mantu

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