Thursday, 19 April 2018

Abubakar Atiku Is Nigeria's Next President.... Renowned Prophet Reveals

Primate E. O. Akeju of New Holy Messiah Church in Lagos state has revealed that former Vice President Atiku Abubakar will be the country’s president in 2019. Akeju revealed this in a statement (prophetic release)  where warned former Lagos state governor Bola Tinubu to be wary of his support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election bid.

According to him Buhari, just like former President Goodluck Jonathan, will be disgraced in 2019, stressing that Atiku’s regime will bring peace to the country. He also warned Tinubu to take care of himself as he will face a health challenge, just as he called former heads of state Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida as enemies of the country.

Here is the full list of prophecies as released by the cleric:

1. God revealed to me that SEN. AHMED TINUBU should be more careful and prayerful with his health, Also any attempt to support President Mohammed Buhari, for second term will mar his political career.

2. TINUBU should be more prayerful on all his children, in order not to witness another tragic occurrence on any of them.

3. GOV. AMBODE will retain the Lagos Gubernatorial seat without any opposition.

4. God reveal to me GOV. AMBODE should be more careful with his policies and take steps in reshuffling his cabinet because of some traitors.

5. God said PRE. BUHARI will be disgrace just like his predecessor if he re-contest.

6. God revealed to me that all theatre art practitioners should pray against untimely death that might ravage in the industry before the end of this


7. PST. T.B JOSHUA should not relocate out of the country because Nigeria is his land of milk & honey

8. ARE. GANI ADAMS; should not be involved in partisan politics so that he will not be disgraced. He should be more closer to God this time around.

9. KWANKWANSO; should be more careful about close political associates and colleagues for there are betrayer among them.

10. SENATOR MUSILIU OBANIKORO; should be watchful and careful against evil plan to assassinate him, it he can pray he will still be a force in Lagos politics.

11. I foresee ATIKU ABUBAKAR becoming next president of his country but there are strong forces behind his plan.

12. God revealed to me ATIKU regime will bring peace and harmony to the nation unlike what we are presently experiencing.

13. INEC should be careful in 2019 election in order not to be used by powerful forces.

14. BIAFRA; God said the unity of the country is paramount, so there is no way for Biafra agitation.

15. All forces behind Biafra will be disgraced if they refused to hearken to the voice of the Lord.

16. God reveal ONI OF IFE will reign beyond the days of his predecessors and will be bless with a son very soon because for his kindness to humanity.

17. OBASANJO AND BABAGIDA; God said they are enemies of this country

and nobody should take them serious.

18. CHIEF OLUSEGUN OBASANJO; Days on earth are numbered so he should start rounding up.

19. God revealed BABAGIDA should be prayerful about his health, I see a sudden death.

20. FAYOSE with his PDP will retain EKITI STATE.

21. OYO STATE; if care is not taking by the APC there will be a liberal force in the next election.

22. SENATOR YAYI; God revealed he will leave the Federal Capital Abuja to assume the state governor office in 2019 gubernatorial election. He should also be prayerful for his dream to come true.

23. OTUNBA SUBOMI; He should pray fervently about his health, not to lead to sudden death.

24. BURUJI KASHAMU; God revealed he will retain his seat as Senator in 2019.

25. FUNKE AKINDELE; She should be more prayerful for a generational problem that is beyond her control but the Lord said she will celebrate new baby very soon.

26. National Assembly should pray fervently for death occurrence of some prominent members through accident.

27. The oil sector under the administration of President Mohammed Buhari will suffer collapse next year.

28. President ZUMA will likely end in prison and this will lead to his death

29. SENATOR REMI TINUBU should be prayerful, I see a sudden sickness.

30. PASTOR ADEBOYE; God revealed to me he should prepare his ways because he will soon be call above.

31. Sudden exposure of prominent preachers in the country who had soiled their hand except the repent.

32. There will be catastrophical rain throughout the nation except will pray fervently.

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