Saturday, 21 April 2018

PDP Gives Reasons Why Kogi Lawmakers Should Impeach Governor Bello

Kogi State House of Assembly should begin the process of impeachment of Governor Yahaya Bello for allegedly staying away from office, the Peoples Democratic Party has said. The opposition party in the north-central state claims that Bello left Kogi without officially transmitting a letter to the Assembly.

“For now the ship of governance in the state which lacked direction under Governor Bello, has on its own entered reverse gear, with unpaid salaries to workers who have been cleared since January, while some others had not been paid in the last twenty four months,” the party’s Director of Research and Documentation, Achadu Dickson, said in a statement.

“The absence of Governor Bello has opened up government activities to corruption and stealing, little wonder local government workers last week, since the beginning of the year, were only paid a paltry twenty percent of their January salary.

“The hunger and poverty in the state, decayed infrastructure, which has led to deaths of citizens, owing to inept leadership and governance, under the Bello’s APC is unprecedented. The state had never witnessed the worst of governance like it is experiencing. “We therefore call on the State House of Assembly to begin an impeachment process on the governor.”

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