Saturday, 7 April 2018

Investigate Your Ministers Before It Is Too Late - Aides Tells Buhari

Contrary to previous claims, a new Report have indicated that, indeed, most of President Buhari's minister are yet to pay their ministerial aides. It was learned that some of the affected aides are those employed by the ministers and others seconded from various ministries. The situation, we gathered, had become unbearable for the affected appointees, who now survive on Duty Tour Allowance, DTA. 

Frustrated about their conditions some of them revealed what they termed “corrupt practices” of some ministers and hoping that President Buhari would summon courage to investigate some of the ministers. Buhari Some aides, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it appeared as if there is a consensus among some of the indebted ministers not to pay, adding that they were considering resigning their positions. 

One of such aides went public last month accusing the minister of corruptly buying houses, appropriating wealth but refusing to pay his wages, a development that turned him into a beggar. Some aides even accused their principals of collecting DTA on their behalf for trips they were not part of. For instance, an aide in a very popular ministry said that, he had to complain about the inclusion of his name on the DTA list of those, who were billed to travel to Korea when it was clear that he would not be on the trip. “I had to protest when I saw my name again. 

They had done so many times but this time I went to the office responsible and told them never to use my name again in raising DTA for the minister.” Another aide of another minister revealed this: “The man is always traveling. He goes everywhere and never stays long in Nigeria. He collects his DTA and those of some aides who never accompany him on the trips. Even when he is going on medical trips which he does every time, they raise money for one or two persons meant to accompany him. 

He is entitled to that but nobody goes with him. It’s all money, money, money and he never gives a hoot about those working with him.” One aide of a minister put his story this way: “I think that President Buhari has shut many doors for the ministers to fleece Nigeria the way they did in the past so our minister travels for estacode. His estacode is $900 a night and he is never in the country. He oversees more than a ministry so he is always out attending relevant and irrelevant conferences and inspections. 

He stays in Nigeria for a few days and he is out again, sometimes up to three countries in ten days or less. There are no big contracts for him to make huge money from but there are many small contracts that he corners and makes all the money. It pains because we know all this yet he doesn’t pay us. He takes all the money. He takes care of himself and ignores those working for him. He is just a wicked and greedy man.” It was further learned that some ministers withhold cash gifts meant for their aides whenever they travel especially within the country. 

The issue was found not to be restricted to a particular ministry as some heads of departments and agencies were also affected. Said one aide of a minister: “When we travel to some states or to meet some organisations the minister takes everything they give to us and passes peanuts to us. We went to one state recently. The governor gave the minister about N12m and gave the aides N5m. 

The minister tood everything and gave us N50,000 each. We were only five aides. In one other state that they gave us N5m, the minister gave us N100,000 when we would have gotten N1m each if he didn’t appropriate ours too. And on that trip the minister was given N10m for himself. When I read what the aide of a minister published in the social media I thought there could be a conspiracy among some ministers to be this mean to their aides. What the guy complained of is exactly what is happening in our ministry.”

Source: Vanguard

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