Sunday, 22 April 2018

Cleric Reveals How Obasanjo, Jonathan Islamised Nigeria

Former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan did not withdraw the country from the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) when they were in power. This is according to the General Overseer of the Christ Faith Tabernacle Alfred Williams.

The cleric’s comment comes on the heels of recent rumours that there is a grand plan to Islamise the country. However, Williams told said that, “That’s another scam. Who says there is a plot to Islamize Nigeria? Let them give us the blueprint on TV and show us the plan so that all of us will know there is a plan.

“Let me tell you this, Ezekiel 22 is the problem and solution of Nigeria. It talks about the godless prophet and government officials and there’s no one to inter-cede so God said I’ll pour my wrath. “So, if they want to Islamize Nigeria, are you just knowing that Nigeria is a member of Organization of Islamic Countries OIC? Did Nigeria not have Christian presidents?

“Obasanjo was a Christian, why didn’t he take us out of it? Jonathan was a Christian president, why didn’t he take us out of it? “Why can’t church leaders in this country say that we are not an Islamic country and take Nigeria out of this thing? “So, if they cannot, who want to Islamize Nigeria? It’s those Christian leaders and all those people who live a life of greed.”

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