Alliance for New Nigeria Team Up With Obasanjo To Send Buhari Packing In 2019

The Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) has joined forces with former President Olusegun Obasanjo to campaign against President Muhammadu Buhari. In a statement by its Chairman, Board of Trustees, Adekoya Adebola, the party charged Nigerians to ensure that the 2019 election was a test of competence and not sentiments or political blackmails.

He said: "The reality is how can we explain the continuous insecurity and the ravaging killer herdsmen? Even when the core of the government focus is to deliver security but since inception of this administration, the country has witnessed more of security breaches and senseless killings in virtually every part of the country with no one apprehended, or prosecuted.

"How can we explain the failure in the fight against corruption even when the reason Nigerians voted for this government was essentially because of the stealing that was going on in government?“And right now, the same is the order of the day in the nose of the current government. Monies are swallowed by monkeys and snakes; questionable list of looters. The list can go on and on.”

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