Wednesday, 14 March 2018

How Police Arrested Me Over Report On Jigawa State Governor...Daily Trust Newspaper Reporter

Armed policemen in mufti yesterday abducted the House of Representative reporter of the Daily Trust newspaper, Musa Abdullahi Krishi.

The policemen claimed to be from the Zone One Command Police Headquarters in Kano. According to Krishi “I was rushed into a waiting Hilux with a driver waiting, whom they ordered to lock all the doors and speed off quickly.

“As the journey began, Oroh ordered that my two phones be seized and switched off. He was furious to the extent of saying that he would deal with my Senate colleague, Ismail Mudashir, for insisting that I wouldn’t be taken away. “I’ll deal with that boy. Does he know what police can do?”

He also told me that “I thought you’re an educated person. I never knew you’re such a villager. We wanted to treat you as a gentleman, but you wanted to prove stubborn. Kai! Do you know what I can do? I can order for a truck-load of mobile policemen to beat the hell out of you and hound you into a car, and nothing will happen. Do you?

“To my surprise, they had told us that I would be taken to their office at Area 10, but they just headed to Kano. They were conversing that they would take me to Kano as they have finished their assignment.

“But as we approached Zuba, Oroh then said they should go to the police divisional office in Zuba for them to take my statement before proceeding to Kano. All this while, they didn’t tell me what my offence was. It was at the Zuba division that they now brought out a sheet of paper and showed me an advertorial carried by my paper on January 26, 2018, where the pictures of Jigawa State governor with Obasanjo and Ayo Fayose appeared.

“They said they received a petition from the Jigawa State Government and that they were investigating the matter, because the group that sponsored the publication appeared to be faceless.

“At first, I didn’t want to tell them, but I later told them how the advert came through me. I felt there wasn’t need to hide it since it’s not a news story; that would have gone against my profession.

“It was when the interaction between us was on that I noticed that they were under pressure with calls coming in, apparently from their bosses. When we finished the statement, they asked me if there was anything I wanted to do, and I told them I wanted to say my Zuhr prayer, which they allowed me to do.

“Oroh was busy saying they must go back to Abuja because their attention was urgently needed. When we left the division, he asked them to give me my two phones that they had seized and said I could make calls. We headed to the Force Headquarters, where the Media Trust Company Secretary, Malam Kabiru Bala came and bailed me.”

Source:Daily Trust

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