Saturday, 31 March 2018

Nigeria Has Lost More People To Boko Haram Than Civil War – Donald Duke

Former Governor of Cross River State Donald Duke has stated that Nigeria has lost more to Boko Haram than what was lost during the civil war. The outspoken politician made this known while speaking at a conference organised by the National Movement for Positive Change (NMPC).

He lamented that some individuals had turned Boko Haram insurgency to a money-making venture. Duke said: “Boko Haram has gone longer than the civil war. Boko Haram has been on for about six to seven years now, whereas, the civil war was three years.

"In real terms, it has cost us more than the civil war, in terms of human and material resources.“The Boko Haram crisis is also economic and it is getting deeper now because they have realised that the best way to get more money is to capture a few girls, get about $10 million to release them and six months later kidnap another set and make more money.

"There is a fundamental problem in our Armed Forces, their efforts cannot be doubted but there is a problem somewhere.“I believe the men and women in the Armed Forces are far more intelligent and exposed to deal with this issue.”

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