Glo Urges Subscribers To Pre-Order Samsung S9, S9+ As Offer Ends

Pre-ordering of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ ends today in all Gloworld retail outlets and Glo zones across Nigeria today. Globacom is offering subscribers who pre-order or fill out the web form at or on the Glo Café app gifts like wireless charger stand worth N25,000 and 8 GB data .

The company described the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ smart phones as high-tech devices with cameras re-imagined to adapt like the human eye. It added that they are designed for subscribers to have a whole new level of phone experience by enabling them to unlock their phones with the eyes through the Iris scanner.

The phones are also powered to record videos four times faster, snap and edit quality images that can be shared on the super-fast data on the widest LTE network. Other features include 6GB[S9+] & 4GB[S9] RAM, 64GB storage that can be expanded to 400 GB via SD Card and 12 MP camera with F1.5 aperture amongst others.

“In addition to enjoying the thrilling experience of the new phones, subscribers who procure them from Gloworld will also have the benefit of receiving for free the very convenient wireless charger stand valued at N25,000 as well as 8 GB data to enjoy on the Glo network.”

Globacom enjoined subscribers to utilize the opportunity before it ends today to upscale and improve their smart phone experience by procuring the latest phones built in anticipation of the next set of technological innovations and adaptabilities to internet of things.
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