Corruption Has Not Been Totally Wiped Out Under Our Administration... Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has described corruption as systemic but assured that the President Muhammadu Buhari government is tackling it. Osinbajo noted this on Monday at the 7th Presidential Quarterly Business Forum for private sector stakeholders at the Presidential Villa in Abuja. 

According to him, the present administration would not condone any form of corruption in the country.

"If the president is corrupt, the entire financial system is compromised and that is what we have seen with the figures we have just seen. That is an absolutely important that we must take into account,” Osinbajo added. 

"I am not saying that corruption under this administration has been completely dealt with, no certainly not.“Where corruption has become systemic such as we have in our country today, you cannot deal with it in one full fell swoop, it is not possible. In any event you still have a lot of corruption fighting back.”

In addition, he alleged that, “The system fights back and its both an internal and external fight back and you have to be steadfast and strategic to win the battle.

"There is no way that you have a system such as ours that has consistently thrived on corruption and proceeds of corruption and public financing in particular, that will give up and say guys, the problem has been solved. No.

"It is a system that feeds on corruption and it affects all aspects of governance, so trying to deal with it is certainly not a walk in the park."
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