Thursday, 15 March 2018

Buhari Handled Abduction Of Dapchi School Girls Poorly –BBOG

The spokesman for the Bring Back Our Girls Group, Sesugh Akume, said the President was complacent.

Akume said Buhari was less competent than Jonathan because he allowed the girls to be abducted despite having the benefit of hindsight.

“We think President Buhari has handled the matter very poorly. We are not happy that four years after the Chibok abduction happened, the Dapchi abduction happened again. All the mistakes that were made by Jonathan were repeated, which means the Buhari government did not learn anything.

“The Dapchi abduction happened nearly a month ago and the President is just visiting. Also, the government lied that the girls were rescued. Soldiers were withdrawn from Dapchi a few days before the abduction.

“The fact that the Dapchi abduction happened alone is enough to call for his resignation because Chibok abduction was a first time incident; but now it has repeated itself, it is even worse.”

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