Boko Haram Members Have Listening Ears – Mama Boko Haram

Human rights activist Aisha Wakil, popularly called Mama Boko Haram has said that she would not keep quiet over Boko Haram killings, adding that the terrorists also have feelings. Over 90 schoolgirls were were reportedly abducted by Boko Haram in Dapchi Yobe state.
While speaking on the matter, Mama Boko Haram vowed not to stop associating with them, revealing that such will embolden them to do more harm. 

According to her, when “You detach yourself from them and then leave them to continue with what they are doing. Oh! No! No! No!“I will never do that. They are destroying properties and human lives. 

They are doing all that and we should now keep quiet and allow them to go on? My voice may not reach all but this my voice has got to the leader and they listen.”
She added that “If everybody now keeps quiet, what will be the result? It will be complete chaos. Oh, no, I even encourage more people to come out and talk – keep talking. These children, they have listening ears, so they listen. 

"They hear everything and they have hearts. Their hearts bleed because of what they are doing. They want to stop, honestly, they want to stop. How are they going to stop? If you now keep quiet, you encourage them and nobody cares. Wow! I am not going to keep quiet; I will keep on screaming until there is peace.
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