Arewa Youths Accused Dino Melaye Of Making Mockery Of Senate

Senator Dino Melaye (APC/Kogi West) has been accused by the Arewa Youth Assembly of impersonating the group and using it for criminal activity. The leadership of the northern youth group said it had called for a meeting with a view to considering a lawsuit against the lawmaker. The group claims a photo banner, working against constituted authority, was posted on Melaye’s Facebook wall, using its name.

"The photo banner, which read Malami Shame on you GYB Big Shame on You, which was allegedly sponsored by the Arewa Youth Assembly,” the youth group said in a statement. "We never supported any act of criminality, most especially from whom the younger generation of the North view as being disrespectful to constituted authorities.

"Senator Dino Malaye has continued to make mockery of our respected Upper Chamber of the National Assembly. While we view this as a deliberate attempt to drag our organisation into unnecessary blind support, insult respectable members of the Federal Executive Council and a governor, we wish to distance ourselves and our organisation, the Arewa Youth Assembly, from this criminal act of impersonation.

"It is very shameful for a Senator to resolve to hiring thugs for promoting and inculcating unethical behaviours in youths who are supposed to learn from him. Respect for elders and authorities is a pride to an Arewa Youth. "This act of criminality and disrespect is an abuse on the collective interest of the Arewa Youths. We condemn this in all ramifications.“We, therefore, urge the public to disregard the banner and pray that God will erase such elements from the seat of power in 2019.”
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