You Can't Deceive Nigerians The Second Time - PDP Tells Tinubu

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party has said that President Muhammadu Buhari has done badly and thus should not seek re-election in 2019. Also, the party faulted a bigwig of the APC Bola Tinubu for trying to get Nigerians to accept the Buhari government for a second term. The PDP added that the failure of Buhari administration is glaring for all to see.

"It is ludicrous that after almost three years of failure to deliver on its campaign promises, the Buhari Presidency is now moving around, cap in hand, looking for those to use once again to beguile Nigerians ahead of the 2019 elections,” it said in a statement.“There is widespread disenchantment and indignation across the nation resulting from hunger and the inability of the Buhari Presidency to provide the people with basic necessities of life, which they had always enjoyed in the past.

"Nigerians are therefore waiting to see how Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who has also openly expressed his concerns and disapprovals on the mismanagement of the economy and whose large constituents are direct victims of the ineptitude, impunity, nepotism, dictatorial tendencies, corruption and insecurity that have characterised the Buhari Presidency, will now turn around to preach that all is well and attempt to sell a practically bad product to the nation.

"It is instructive to further state that the desperate move by the Presidency to politically prey on individuals is mere foolhardiness and a totally decadent approach to pit key leaders against the people on an issue that has already been thrown overboard.”
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