Sunday, 4 February 2018

We Will Do Whatever It Takes Legitimately To Return To Aso Rock In 2019 - PDP

Nigeria's opposition party, People's Democratic Party under the leadership of Secondus, has said the party would do everything possible within the law to return to power in 2019. Already, he said reconciliation was ongoing among its members, adding that the PDP remained the best option for the county at the moment.

Speaking with Punch, Secondus said, the party was not addressing the issue of tickets yet. He stated, "We are talking to everyone, those who left the party before and those who do not belong to the party. "This is not the time to be talking about automatic tickets or not. Rather, we should all be concerned about how to rescue the country from the claws of incompetent hands.

"Is there anyone in the country who is not feeling the pain ? Is the market for the PDP members different from that of the APC members? Are those lining up in the queues at petrol stations members of a particular political party ? Is electricity being diverted to a particular zone of the country? "As for us, we are discussing with everybody . We want everyone back under the umbrella so that we can escape further beating by the APC acidic rain .”

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