Monday, 26 February 2018

Presidency Admits Boko Haram Not Defeated

Speaking to Channels TV on Sunday, the presidential aide noted that though the present administration had degraded the insurgents’ attack, they had not completed defeated. Adesina said: "If the operating word is totally, the answer is no obviously, but has Boko Haram been degraded? I will say yes, terribly so.

"You can compare then and now, they have been terribly, terribly degraded but is the war over? No, it is not completely over.“Compare how Boko Haram was in 2015 when this administration came, they were virtually running riot everywhere. How many time was Kano bombed, how many time was Abuja bombed, how many time was Kogi bombed; Boko Haram was everywhere.

"The terrorists must have found their way back to Yobe after they had been displaced from their stronghold in Borno (Sambisa), which could have led to the abduction of the girls.”He said while Borno State happened to be the main center of Boko Haram attacks, Adamawa and Yobe states had been quite calm with the situation under control in recent times.

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