Sunday, 11 February 2018

Popular Ugandan Radio Presenter Killed After Bar Fracas

A popular Ugandan Radio On A Perdonality has been killed after he was assaulted at a bar at Entebbe.

This was what one of his fans Bayo Olowokere posted about him.

"Radio dead? Incredible!!!

My Ugandan brothers and sisters would probably be shocked to know that I just found out that we have lost one of the best vocalists on the African continent-the famous 'Radio' of the 'Radio and Weasel' fame! In my two years in Uganda, I so enjoyed his vocal prowess and the successful act he and Weasel put up and successfully too. No doubt that I delighted in listening to their repertoire on the airwaves.

It was therefore a great shock for me to have been told by a friend here just a few days back that Radio had died after being assaulted at a Bar in Entebbe! Now that I have confirmed the news, I am saddened by the fact that Africa has undoubtedly lost one of its brightest young acts and an enterprising musician and entertainer.

I mourn with you Uganda! May God comfort his family and all his fans.
Watch/Listen to one of his numerous classics..."

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