Saturday, 10 February 2018

Mass Killings :APC Has Not Been Fair To Benue People...Ben Bruce

A senator and founder of Silverbird Group, Ben-Murray Bruce, has said that Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State should not be in the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

The lawmaker, who is a member of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, took to his official twitter handle to condemn President Muhammadu Buhari as well as other APC governors for not paying a visit to the Benue State governor, who is also a member of the party.

His comment comes days after the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, and his Ekiti State counterpart, Ayodele Fayose, paid a condolence visit to the governor. Both visiting governors are members of Mr. Bruce’ PDP. They also made monetary donations to the state for victims of the attacks.

Mr. Bruce, however, flayed the APC for its perceived non-challance towards the mayhem going on in one of the states controlled by their party.

“What is Governor Ortom still doing in the APC? Benue and Ortom don’t belong in the APC? Has the APC President visited him to condole with the state?

“How many APC Governors have contributed to help the victims? What benefit has Ortom and Benue derived from voting for the President?” Mr. Bruce tweeted.

He expressed disappointment at how the president visited Nasarawa state to commission schools despite the killings going on in several parts of the county.

“Will @realDonaldTrump or @theresa_may go to a state in their nation to commission a school when its neighbouring state has just suffered from a horrific mass killing?

“What would it have cost the President to also visit Benue and sympathise with people who voted massively for him?” he added.

Nigerians have since expressed diverse reactions to the senator’s comments.

Below also are the reactions of some Nigerians:

Too bad dat political sentiment is still eating into our national security…. Crosscarpeting is never done answer sir.

— ogunleye olaniran (@Dptolaminiran) February 8, 2018

Your level of desperation is legendary that you have thrown discipline to the winds.When you give to the needy, do not make it a public show and an avenue to score a cheap political point. It's simply called hypocrisy, eye service of the highest order. SMH!

— Japhet Philip (@JaphetPhilip) February 8, 2018

did you expect Gov. Wike to assist the Victims without making it public? Its imperative he makes it Public to enable the victims and people of Benue know he cares and for Record Purposes. Buhari is the Hypocrite in this Case. He went to Nasarawa to Celebrate while Benue ppl mourn

— vincent Ekemezie (@vincent_505) February 8, 2018

Mr. Senator, Could you kindly clarify what the PDP stands for? How is PDP's political philosophy different than the APC's or other parties'? What are the distinguishing focus of the PDP in terms of Economy, Foreign Relations, Military, Technology, Legislation etc?#Nigeria2019

— Michael Nelson (@michaelrythms) February 8, 2018

Sir. Let’s not politicize this. Valid call to ask why the president has not visited Benue. Valid call to give kudos to Wike for visiting. But to now say the gov should now join your party makes it appear your motives are not really the lives lost but just politics.

— AyoR Aloko (@alokoayo) February 8, 2018

Even PDP won't accept him, not even KOWA nor HOPE party. He's not competent.

— emily (@emily68901) February 8, 2018

You can start that new platform, one major problem is the activism on twitter and not on the street, so who is to start the new platform?
PMB will continue till 2023 and heaven will remain.

— Obanla (@AdepojuAShittu) February 9, 2018

If you and I don't start today this is how our outdated and visionless leaders will continue to recycle themselves till 2050. Point of correction sir am currently a member Coalition for good governance

— Ali Ifedayo (@radiantprotouch) February 9, 2018

Sir ,It's regrettable & a big shame for a Senator of the FRN to refer to president of Nigeria as an "APC president ". How do you then correct the FPRO? All this in the name of what? Politics! Dont turn #Benue to a political may enjoy it but we aren't.

— Ibrahim Garba (@Garbaibrahim1) February 8, 2018

Sir I like a lot of the things that you talk about when you try to make common sense, but in all honesty there is no common sense in the APC or the PDP, anyone with common sense would know that both PDP and APC have done more harm than good to our nation. #RedCardToAPCAndPDP

— Louis Tobe Ikediashi (@LouisTruson) February 8, 2018

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