I Need Shekau Dead Or Alive - Army Chief Orders Soldiers

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen Tukur Buratai has given a dead or alive directive for the capture of the leader of the Boko Haram terrorist group, Abubakar Shekau. The directive comes after Shekau’s refusal to give himself up to authorities after declaring his readiness to end his reign of terror.

This occurred during Buratai’s visit to Camp Zero, the former Command and Control Centre of the terrorist group in the Sambisa forest. The directive comes on the heels of a N3m bounty placed on the terrorist. Buratai said: “Let me say congratulations. But, we must move across to wherever this criminal – Shekau is and catch him red-handed. I want you to get him.

"Mr President, Command-In-Chief of the Armed Forces says congratulations to all of you for recovering the Sambisa Forest. "As far as we are concerned, we have come to the end of this operation (clearing the forest of remnants of terrorists).“What is remaining now is the Lake Chad waters only and we hope to do that (clear terrorists from it) also very soon.

"Meanwhile, you all know these criminals are still on the run; these guys are on the run, you must make sure that you get them wherever they are around this area.“You must not allow them to escape. Every day, you must go on patrol, lay ambush for them and you go on raids.“This is the time we have to consolidate and ensure that this place Sambisa forest, is safe and never for these criminals to come back to it," Buratai charged the troops.

The chief of army staff said that he was in Sambisa and Camp Zairo to confirm the capture, destruction and domination by the gallant troops.“I am glad that the troops have done the country proud and they have done Mr President proud by not only capturing the Camp Zairo within the forest but also consolidating on this success.“It is a thing of pride and I want to say that we are proud of the Nigerian troops. We are proud of members of the armed forces, the Air Force, Navy, Police, DSS and indeed Civilian JTF, who have provided the needed service," he said.

Buratai described the Sambisa forest as strategic and assured that the military would secure it against terrorists. "We are going to transform this place, apart from making it a training area.“We are going to have a modern defence establishment in terms of the provision of basic requirements for your comfort and indeed for your operations.“We are already making sure that the first set of facilities are brought here," the army chief said.

To the troops, who captured the camp, Buratai promised them special package to boost their morale.“We are going to have some special packages for all of you that penetrated this forest.“We will make sure that your morale is high by making the necessary provision for you to be comfortable," he added.

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