Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Breaking: Angry Youths Burn Police Vans In Benin Over Death Of Driver

A bus driver coming from Third East circular road in Benin City,Edo State with his wife, was stopped by a police officer, as usual the officer requested for something which made the man come out of his car, but there was exchange of words probably the man wasn't cooperating which made the police officer push the bus driver.

The bus Driver fell and before he could stand up he was crushed down by an incoming trailer.  His fellow drivers on seeing what happened bounced on the police van and burn it down as the police officers fled for their lives. The bus Driver is still lying down dead as the youths have refused anyone carrying the corp's. Few minutes after the events, a team of patrol team came to the scene with soldiers. The angry youths chased away the soldiers .and took over the police van, burn it again.  everywhere.

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