Thursday, 18 January 2018

Taraba State Rejects Cattle Colony Proposal

The Taraba state government has stated its rejection of the federal government’s proposed cattle colony as a solution to the incessant herdsmen-farmers clash. This was disclosed on Wednesday by the Taraba state commissioner of justice and attorney-general, Yusufu Akirikwen.

He said the state government has already enacted a law for the establishment of ranches which would come into effect from Jan 24.“The truth of the matter is that the idea of cattle colony is still not very clear for most Nigerians. "Where would the federal government get land for cattle colonies?

"Would they sit there in Abuja and acquire land across the states of the federation for cattle colonies?“We have enacted a law for ranching here in Taraba, but we are not acquiring land for people, herdsmen and cattle owners are going to buy land and do their ranching business" he said.

He called on the federal government to support the state in implementing the law by providing adequate security as Taraba looks to institute the global best practices when it comes to cattle rearing. This comes on the heels of the declaration by the Benue state governor, Samuel Ortom, that his state does not have the land to set aside for use as a cattle colony.

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