Friday, 12 January 2018

The Dankwambo Alternative And The Choice Before Nigerians in 2019 ...By Musa Muhammed

Now that there is a united voice on the street all echoing that the present government and the APC have failed to justify the trust, confidence and massive goodwill it enjoyed to dethrone the PDP in 2015. Rather than meeting the needs and yearnings of the common Nigerian, it has worsen the situation with hunger and impoverishment of the people.

It would not be out of place to start setting agenda for the kind of qualities Nigerians must look out for in electing President Muhammadu Buhar's successor. Its now obvious that the much touted integrity narrative of the Buhari government, if at all it exists, is not enough to rule a nation and deliver the dividends of democracy.

Hon Umar Ahmed Suleiman shares some of these qualities as possessed by Governor Ibrahim Dabkwambo of Gombe state.

1. Great Manager: Nigerians must look out for a great manager of human and material resources, and Dankwambo got this in abundance. He is a great manager of material and human resources. He has prudently managed the resources of Gombe which is the 2nd state with the least federal allocation. With this meager amount, Dankwambo has never defaulted on payment of workers salary, while not neglecting massive investment in infrastructure.

He has set Gombe on the world map in terms of infrastructural development even with the little resources.

2. A Nigerian with topnotch priority for quality healthcare and education: with Nigeria presently rated as the nation with highest number of out of school children and still on the bottom of the ladder in infant and maternal mortality across the world, there is need to embark on a search for a candidate who prioritises the education and the nation's healthcare system.

Strong, viable and enduring health and education institutions are top priority, likewise he doesn't toy with effort to mould a rewarding future for the children through access to qualitative education, you can't bargain for less from a Doctorate degree  (Ph.D) hinder in Financial Accounting, Ph.D in Financial Management. He values education and he's walking the talk in Gombe.

3. A candidate with deep understanding of Nigeria's Economy: at this time, integrity alone won't rebuild the ailing economy, we need someone who can manage resources to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the nation, anything short of this could spell another doom for the nation as we are presently experiencing.

Dankwambo, as an international and chartered professional accountant per excellence, is well equipped with the experience of serving in higher capacities. Having worked as the Accountant General of the Federation and presently serving a second term as Gombe state Governor, you would agree with me that this is someone that has a very good financial and economic background with a rich knowledge of Nigeria economy and public service, a great asset that would work to turn around the dwindling economic fortune of Nigeria if we do not want to further decline into abyss.

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