Friday, 19 January 2018


Editor In Chief Of CKN News at the entrance of the Yankari Warm Spring

This is Sight and Sound of Yankari games reserve Bauchi as captured by CKN News crew during a recent tour of the park.A tourist heaven for everyone.. 
One of the animals at the Park

A new helipad is being built for light aircraft landing .
Chris Kehinde Nwandu inside the tourist truck
The park is in a serene environment with wild life,natural warm spring,sports arena,swimming pools,three star and five star hotel accommodation as well as natural caves dating back to hundreds of years.
Bamboos at close range

Yankari Museum

Another animal right inside the wild

Visit Yankari games reserve for a life time experience .Security is water tight..Current Bauchi State Government has invested heavily in this natural park that spreads as far as Kenya.

If you need a world class place for relaxation and comfort ..Go to Yankari Games Reserve.

At the 24 hours non stop natural water spring

Another specie of animal

Big size bamboo
It is about One hour drive from Gombe Airport and about one hour fifty minutes drive from Bauchi town.Give it a trial and you'll never regret it..
There is no need going to Kenya and South Africa for such wild life experience..

Another animal roaming the park

SA Communication To The Governor Shamsudeen Lukman,CKN and a tourist at the park natural caves
At Yankari Games Reserve,you'll get to see animals in their natural habitation..
Visiting Journalists on tour of Yanari Games Reserve
Yankari Games is not a zoo ,but a natural park with animals migrating in and out from all parts of the world.
According to the Special Adviser (Media) to Bauchi State Governor ,Mr Ali Ali,the present administration is working on not only transforming the park into a tourists hub in the Sub African region but also a major revenue earner for the State.

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