Friday, 12 January 2018

Poisonous Snake Appears On Australian Driver's Windshield

An Australian driver saw this venomous snake staring at him from his car window. 
"It'd come out from under the engine bay under the bonnet, it was probably a bit warm there," Ogier told the ABC, adding that the snake was also "tapping on the window a couple of times because it obviously wanted to get in.
"I just had a broom in the back of the ute and basically just got him off the car nice and safely, and just ushered him into the bushland off on the side of the road.
"Last night it got a bit cold down here on the South Coast, so I think he's got up into the engine bay of the vehicle, and he sat up on the engine to keep himself warm.
"Then this morning Ted's taken that vehicle down to Eden and it might've got a bit too hot in there, so he wanted out."
Source :ABC

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