Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Legendary Boxer, Mike Tyson To Open Marijuana Farm

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is set to open a cannabis ranch in California, United States. The ex-heavyweight champion has already bought 40 acres of land in the city. Tyson and  Iron Mike are taking advantage of the legalisation of marijuana as recreational.

It was gathered that the ‘Tyson Ranch’ will have 20 acres for ‘master growers’ to have maximum control of the environment. The boxing legend will also have his own school to teach farmers how to grow and develop their strains – called the ‘Tyson Cultivation School.’

The area will have its own amphitheatre, complete with luxury camping area and cabins. Tyson has linked up with business partners Jay Strommen and Robert Hickman and has the full support of the cities mayor Jennifer Wood.

Medical marijuana has been legalised in the state of California for the past 20 years and Tyson’s ranch will look to carry out research to help develop it’s clinical benefits. He is said to be a long-time supporter of medical marijuana and its clinical uses.

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