Monday, 22 January 2018

I Had Fun In Bauchi And North East...CKN

When I informed my family of my intention to embark on a trip to the North East,they automatically shot it down.My mum for one wouldn't want to hear that.My friends did not help matters either.

Even those of them on Facebook felt I shouldn't have taken the risk ,begging me daily to please come back.But those are the risk you have to take on this job,I am not just your ordinary armchair blogger or Journalist ,I like threading where others dare not to operate .I made it to Bauchi through Jigawa and Gombe and some of the hotbed of Boko Haram activities in the past

Infact,I travelled to Gombe alone with just a driver, passing through most of the dangerous routes where Boko Haram had once operated freely and killed hundreds of people.But thank God,all went well.

It could have been worse ,but when you take up a job,you sign up to take up the responsibilities and risks that goes with it.You have to go the extra miles to give your audience what they want to read.

We cannot just continue feeding people with recycled news about places. My trip to the North East was not to launder the FG or image of some States (as some assumed ) .

It was a mere adventure to see for myself first hand the situation. Thank you all for your concerns about my safety.It only shows how much you care..Am now fully back to base after spending time in Bauchi and most interestingly at the amazing Yankari Games Reserves in Bauchi (a tourist's haven)

Bauchi State is a good example of what is being done right in the North East..It is a success story.It is now safe for all .It was an experience i will never forget in a hurry.The people were very friendly

I thank you all my friends and fans across the globe for your care and love..Even as far as the US and UK,the feeling was the same ..My safety..God bless you. I went,I saw and I conquered.

NB:Chris Kehinde Nwandu is the Editor In Chief Of CKN News and President ,Guild Of Professional Bloggers Of Nigeria

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