Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Current National Killings Are Signs Of Incoming War - Aregbesola Warns

The Executive Governor of Osun state, Rauf Aregbesola, has warned Nigerians to be conscious of the current happenings in the country, and also put an end to it, as it may bring about war. According to the governor, Nigerians unknowingly pushing towards another civil war through hate speeches, wickedness and massive killings going on in the country.

The governor said the nation was lucky to come out of the first civil war but stressed that Nigeria might not be lucky if it was plunged into another round of civil war now. The governor thereby calls for peace, saying it had become important for every Nigerian to work for the peace and unity of the nation by avoiding anything that could lead to war.

In his words, Through carelessness, thoughtlessness, selfishness, wickedness and hate mongering, the country may unwittingly be pushing itself towards another war. "War is a very bad business. It is costly, deadly and ruinous, even for a supposedly winner. "It is worse for the loser. Indeed, all are losers in a war. The resources, human and material, used to prosecute wars could have been used for the development of the people. The lesson of history is that nations and people emerged from wars weakened, devastated, poor and vulnerable.

"The worst part is that though a nation's decision to go to war or not may be easy before the outbreak of hostilities, it is more difficult and sometimes impossible to decide to stop a war ; thus we have prolonged and sometimes an indeterminate war . This is the hard part .

The governor also called on the youths, to break away from the culture of dependence on the free money from crude oil. He urged them to apply their education to solving problems facing humanity, saying that would be the way to make sustainable wealth because oil would soon lose its importance. He said, "In the interest of the black race, Nigeria must not just exist, it must be strong to be able to lead the continent to achieve its manifest destiny.

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