Saturday, 6 January 2018

CKN News Exclusive Pictures From Latest Military War Front Onslaught Against Boko Haram (Gory Pictures Be Warned)

Following the on going onslaught OP by own tps against the insurgents, available information revealed that the factional leader of Boko Haram Mamman Nur, was injured in yesterday’s coordinated military bombardment of the Lake Chad region in Borno State.

Also that several of his foot soldiers were equally killed as the advancing bombardments cont. Information also revealed his subcommanders are fleing from the onslaught while many of the insurgents who escaped are now surrendering to Republic of Niger Defence Forces, following the amnesty granted the insurgents by the government.

However on a sad note one of the Cameroonian soldier was confirmed dead. You will recall that it is a joint operations with the Cameroonian tps.
Meanwhile the Borno state government has increased the curfew which was supposed to end today to another one week so as to give more  control within the city as tps continued with the bombardment their operation based.

U recall daily curfew fm 2000hrs - 0600hrs was earlier imposed within the city due to the on going OP.

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