Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Buhari Orders Police IG Idris To Relocate To Benue

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the Inspector General of Police, Ibrhim Idris, to relocate to Benue state. Recall that suspected herdsmen attacked two communities in the state on New Year’s Day, killing at least 20 persons.

In compliance with the Presidential directives, the IGP is moving into Benue state with additional Five (5) Units of Police Mobile Force (PMF) making a total of Ten (10) Units of PMF deployed in the State which is in addition to other Police formations on the ground in the State before the crisis,” the police authorities said in a statement late Monday.

"More Units of the Police Special Forces, Counter Terrorism Units, and Conventional Policemen are already being deployed to the State as at this time today to comply in totality with the Presidential order.

The Aerial Surveillance by Police Helicopters will continue, while the Police Mobile Force Personnel, Police Special Forces and conventional Police Personnel, the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), Police Explosive Ordinance Department (EOD) and Special Police Joint Intelligence and Investigation Teams already deployed to Benue State will carry on un-relentlessly with the patrols and crime prevention activities in the affected areas to sustain the normalcy that have been restored in the State.”

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