Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Buhari Not Ready To Tackle Nigeria's Challenges... Bishop Kukah

Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Most Rev Mathew Kukah, has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari is not prepared to tackle Nigeria’s challenges. Speaking to newsmen in Sokoto, he said this has resulted in the incessant attacks allegedly carried out by Fulani herdsmen. The clergyman said it is uncharitable on the part of the government to blame citizens or any particular group for the incessant attacks instead of looking for a way to tackle the challenge. Kukah said:

"I hear people blaming Nigerians, and blaming Fulani herdsmen and blaming. It is really the failure of government to address the very many problems that this country faces. "It is a bit of a pity, because it also means that sometimes people come into power not fully prepared, I thought if this government had taken inventory of the nature of the problems that this country face, we will not be where we are today".

The cleric noted that the responsibility of government is to fix a problem not to create one and that such a primary responsibility ought to be carried out by those in government and not to be shifted to citizens or past government leaders. Kukah expressed the resolve of the church to continue to pray for God’s intervention but was quick to call on the nation’s leaders to recognise the urgency required to fix the challenges.

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