Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Another PDP Senator Defects To APC

The senator representing Ebonyi South, Sonni Ogbuoji, has defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC). The lawmaker said he left the PDP because it had nothing to offer the Igbo.

Ogbuoji called on the Igbo to reject the notion that PDP is an Igbo party, adding that the APC was the best option for the South East ahead of the 2023 presidential election.“I am one of those who believe that the issue of Igbo marginalisation cannot be corrected by shouting in the media,” he said.

"Igbo have a responsibility to determine what should happen about marginalisation. It’s not to wait for other people who are interested in the same thing to give it to us, it’s not going to work.“I believe that by joining forces; sharing ideas with those who are already in APC, we have a better chance of improving on what we have.

"The level of governance that we are receiving from PDP governors is not going to help the case of the PDP and Igbo. So, there is no need offending ourselves that PDP is an Igbo party; it’s far from it. As we speak today, APGA may lay claim to being an Igbo party, but certainly, PDP cannot lay claim to be an Igbo party.“That’s why there is the need to rethink about what happens to Igbo from 2019.”

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