Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Two Beautiful Blood Sisters Die Seven Months Apart In Mysterious Circumstances (See Pictures)

Two blood sisters have died within seven months .Judith it was learnt died seven months ago.

Her sister Ene followed suit yesterday in what many of their friends are still finding difficult to apprehend .

This was how their sister Simbiat Agbaji posted the news of their untimely death on Facebook

"Two sisters in 7 months? Ohhhh God I judge you faithful! They were sooo close, best of friends and they loved each other unconditionally... Judith I was consoled that Ene was here to help me heal when you went to be with your maker but you carried her with you on your journey to heaven... Ohhhh my God your strength to fight this battle is all I need. Two bright candles blown out. Rest on my sisters. I would be strong!"

CKN News was unable to ascertain their cause of death as at the time of going to press

But their friends have been eulogising them on social media

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