Monday, 1 January 2018

23 Year Lady Crushed To Death In Lagos While Escaping From Robbers

A 23-yr-old young lady has been crushed to death by a it and run driver while being chased  by some robbers while returning from church on Saturday.
Miss Oluwafeyidara Adekoya a photographer and founder of Situmedia was crushed by a vehicle , while trying to escape from two suspected robbers at Anthony bus stop, Lagos.
According to her uncle, they attempted to dispossess her of her bag and phones but she raised the alarm and took to her heels. The hoodlums chased her before an oncoming vehicle ran them over.

CKN News learnt that while the rider escaped, but the hit-and-run driver ran over  his accomplice and Adekoya. The late Oluwafeyidara Adekoya .

 Her family  got worried when they could not reach her on her phone. She was last seen on WhatsApp at about 7.20pm. Dara is the first of her parents two sibling .The second a boy is an undergraduate .
The mum according to what we gathered  is a midwife while the father is a medical doctor . According to a family member who spoke to us ,It took the mum forever to conceive before she luckily had the two of them. The insider said one thing that baffled her is the fact that the police superintendent handling the case claimed that there was no robbery . While eyewitness account say it was a robbery..She hasn’t been buried yet due to the holidays. She’s still lying in the morgue in Lagos

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