Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Lagos State Government Frees 12 Kirikiri Inmates

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State on Tuesday released twelve inmates of the Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison in Apapa. The act is part of the law establishing the State Advisory Council on Prerogative of Mercy.

It was gathered that they have spent between twenty and thirty-four years in prison and were released after satisfied conditions like remorse, and willingness to contribute meaningfully to the society. Ambode was represented at the event by the Chairman of the State Advisory Council on Prerogative of Mercy, Professor Oyelowo Oyewo

"The Advisory Council On Prerogative of Mercy is established under the Laws of Lagos State pursuant to the powers of the Governor under the Constitution to exercise prerogative of mercy,” Ambode said. The Council meets to consider applications for the exercise of prerogative of mercy that is forwarded through the Nigerian Prisons authority.”

"Basically, in exercising this there are guidelines that are set and some of these include looking at the period that has been served by the inmates and for hard capital offences, such inmates must have served for a sufficient period of time and the reason is that the Council in the guidelines try to balance various interests such as that of the community, the family of the victims and also the interest of the administration of criminal justice and justice reform to ensure that prisoners are reformed and rehabilitated.

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