Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bishop Urges Nigerians To Stop Blaming President Buhari For Their Problems

The Anglican Bishop of Awka diocese, Anambra State, Rev Alexander Ibezim, has urged Nigerians to stop blaming President Muhammadu Buhari over the travails of the country. Speaking to newsmen on Saturday, the clergyman said the trouble with Nigeria was beyond one single individual.

Ibezim said: “But what we see is that all of us will intend to blame one single individual for the country’s woes.

“This is wrong. I tell you if individuals, families, Christians, Moslems, and so on should do their bits well, governance will be easy; governance will be simple.” The cleric described youth unemployment in the country as a “cancerous concern”, stressing that something must be done urgently to save the present generation of Nigerian youths from being a wasted crop of individuals.

He noted that the growing agitations in the country was a product of economic difficulties, adding that the Federal Government should conduct a research to find out why Nigerians that were hitherto living peacefully together had suddenly turned against themselves.

“We were living together with cattle herders, but today it’s no longer so. The Federal Government should commission professionals to conduct a research to know what are the causes of this disunity,” he said.

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