Saturday, 9 December 2017

Anger Of God Awaits Looters – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said, corrupt leaders who plunged Nigeria into a sea of economic crisis would incur the wrath of God. Buhari, who was apparently dismayed to learn that politicians, who, in his view, had stolen from the country are planning to return to power, said Nigerians are too clever to be fooled.

He is confident Nigerians would not allow looters back to power. The president was speaking at an interactive session with community leaders and stakeholders at the Coronation Hall of the Kano Government House. The occasion summed up his two-day working visit to the state.

"Those who ruled Nigeria without vision and looted the nation’s treasury are the same people boasting that they will displace the APC government and return to office,” Buhari said.“We will wait and see, if they think Nigerians are ignorant. They have the guts of declaring their intention to reclaim office.”

Nigeria’s main opposition part, the Peoples Democratic Party, who lost power in 2015 to the All Progressives Congress, had vowed to reclaim power. In fact, immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan, recently said his mind would not be at rest until his party returned to Aso Rock.

And some other bigwigs of the party believe the PDP stand a good chance in 2019, as in their view, the APC has failed Nigerians. But Buhari said the opposition party would have to explain to Nigerians why it should be voted for after it governed for 16 years without genuine development.

"Public office holders involved in sharp malpractices would incur the wrath of God,” the president said. "Those assigned into public positions of trust were mortals, they will transit and appear before their creator to answer for the misdeeds carried out while holding forth the position entrusted in their care by the populace.“It is infuriating that those tasked with the administration of criminal justice in Nigeria were detected to be engaged in criminal acts”

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