Friday, 8 December 2017

Alleged Husband Killer , Maryam Sandas Trial Begins

The trial of an alleged husband killer Maryam Sanda has commenced at an Abuja High Court. Police, however, filed amended charges against Maryam, who allegedly stabbed her husband, Bilyaminu Muhammad Bello, to death.

The charge was amended to include three new defendants, which include her mother, Maimuna Sanda, her brother, Aliyu Sanda, and one other person. The prosecutor stated that efforts to serve the other defendants their court papers proved abortive but the trial will still hold.

Maryam’s counsel made another effort to grant her bail but his request was vehemently rejected after the prosecutor insisted that the application be declined since the charge had just been amended. Her lawyer had requested for bail because she is a nursing mother.

Justice Yusuf Halilu, who is the trial judge, said the application was not ripe for a hearing, hence, he was not inclined to give her bail. It was reported last month that Sanda allegedly stabbed her husband, son of former PDP chairman, Mohammed Bello, not less than three times before he passed away.

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