Thursday, 28 December 2017

Aisha Buhari's Media Aide Condemns Femi Fani Kayode's Statement On Buhari's Son

The Special Assistant, Media to the wife of Nigeria's President Aisha Buhari,Mrs Adebisi Olumide Ajayi has berated Chief Femi Fani Kayode over his statement on the plight of Buhari's son Yusuf who was involved in a Motor Bike accident in Abuja yesterday. Mr Kayode  took to his social media page to mock the first family over their son ,a statement that has been condemned by Nigerians across party lines was berated for his inhumane statement.. This was Mrs Olumide Ajayi's comment ."An open letter to Femi Fani Kayode

Majority of Nigerians have come to know you for your antics and misguided comments, but this beats the lot
For you to come out and say that a child with no political affiliation except the fact that his father happened to be the President is being punished for his father sins shows just how disgustingly low you have become as a person.
As a Yoruba person, it is known that we don't fight when illness and death are involved but I guess you have forgotten your roots
Fortunately just like the president you have only one son
God is a just God and I leave you and your family to Him"..Meanwhile report reaching CKN News has it that contrary to earlier report that Yusuf has been flown abroad for further treatment,the young man is still receiving treatment in Abuja.

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