Tuesday, 26 December 2017

2018 Will Be A Year Filled With Political Crisis - Popular Prophet Reveals

Prophet Anene Nwachukwu of the Rhema Deliverance Mission, Lagos says the country will witness more political turbulence in 2019. He said this as part of his prophecies for 2018, adding that the country will be better generally in the coming year.

"We will witness a better Nigeria in 2018. However, we must pray seriously,” he told Sun News.“There will be serious political crises. The National Assembly will be at loggerheads with the presidency and vice versa. There will be a lot of intra and inter-party squabbles.

"Nigerians must pray hard to avert the confusion and its dire consequences.“We need young men with fresh ideas to carry the youths along. Good people are afraid to come into politics because evil people have occupied the space and frustrate genuine people.“The older politicians should retire and give the youth a chance to rebuild the country. Nevertheless, we will keep praying for God to sanitise the nation and make Nigeria what it should be.”

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