Why I Named My Son Google - Popular Ghanaian Movie Producer Reveals

Ghanaian movie producer Francis Dzogbetsi raised more than a few eyebrows when he named his son Google Ahmed Banda.

Dzogbetsi, in a chat with Ziobfelix.net, said he picked the name Google because he believes his son going to be a researcher.

Betsi said since he is not educated and Google has helped him acquire great knowledge, he only finds it befitting to name his son after the search engine.

He also revealed that his son’s other names were gotten from Ahmed Banda, a popular music and movie producer.

His words: “He is going to be my researcher. I’m not educated and I’ve been searching everything I want to know on google. I’ve always planned to name my first child Google so that he/she helps in researching.”Google Ahmed Banda was born on October 10, 2017.

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